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First performance tests for nablet JPEG XS SDK

In collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute, nablet released a development module for a new mezzanine video codec - JPEG XS SDK. We prepared 2 machines - a standard PC and a server machine - to measure the performance results for different video resolutions, and made tests for both 8- and 10-bit modes.
The results show that the JPEG XS codec is fast enough for real-time processing for resolutions up to UHD 10bit. The overall frame rate is 170+ fps for 8bit and 145+ for 10bit video on a server machine. For 8K formats, we expect more optimization for multi-core processors to perform decoding and encoding faster in the future version of the codec. Also, due to a high video bitrate, it is recommended to use a really fast SSD for encoding - on a server machine the recording speed was the bottleneck for encoding tests and not the CPU load.
The detailed report with the results can be downloaded on JPEG XS page.