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G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH uses mediaEngine for encoding tasks

G&L is a broadcast system integrator using the mediaEngine in a Linux Docker container. In their specific use case, mediaEngine receives eight full HD channels from a Blackmagic Design DeckLink 8-channel SDI board. As soon as recording starts, an optional pre-roll is embedded into the encoded video. The video is encoded into AVC-I 422 1080p59.94 video with an MXF container to meet the required Panasonic operating point. In parallel, a preview for each channel is generated and made available via REST API for monitoring purposes. Loudness is measured during the encoding process, and the level is provided again through a REST API for monitoring purposes. At any time during the encoding, additional metadata can be ingested into the MXF for later MAM usage.
“The most interesting part of this encoding process is our highly optimized AVC Encoder,” said Adriano Gaeta, chief system architect of mediaEngine. “Compared to other codecs, our encoder is extremely optimized for broadcast production formats like AVC-I or XAVC. It requires less CPU performance and gives a higher framerate per encoding. It also requires less time to fire up, which is important in cloud use where many encoders are fired up just to do a single job and are closed afterward.”
“We have over 100 combined years of experience in broadcast system integration and other projects with public broadcasters,” said Martin Grohme, senior solution architect at G&L. “Every project has many levels of complexity, including details that pop up during implementation. mediaEngine was very flexible and easy to integrate, and the nablet team was very responsive in handling the details that are part of every situation like this.” “It’s hard to say what feature we like best about mediaEngine, as it checks all the boxes: high performance, excellent quality, ease of integration, and quality of support.”
G&L is a leading systems integrator and managed service provider for audio and video distribution in central Europe. Additional information is available at