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nablet Releases JPEG XS SDK to Create Workflows Based on Powerful New Video Standard

With the world moving to a digitalization of the traditional media processing pipelines and processes, the problem of video data transferring becomes even more important. Old but gold SDI-based workflows still do their job, but such approaches can’t be scaled much because they depend on specific hardware and physical cables. Once you take a step to scale your processing, distribute it among different locations, or move processing pipelines to Cloud, you need a robust codec to transfer video from the production side to operation centers and post-production studios. And, as a professional, the codec should be extremely fast and visually lossless.
This is where JPEG XS comes as a solution. It stands for extra speed and extra small. The new ISO mezzanine codec standard co-developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits enables interoperability and allows easy and cost-effective integration into IP-based infrastructure. As an ultra-low-latency lightweight image coding system, with JPEG XS you have visually lossless quality with compression ratios up to 10:1 at any resolution up to 8K (including HDR support) and any frame rate from 24 to 120 fps in constant- and variable bitrate modes. All of this makes JPEG XS the best choice for a seamless transition to ST-2110 and ST-2022 workflows.
We at nablet GmbH are happy to announce that we have implemented Fraunhofer JPEG XS codec as our own software development toolkit to simplify the integration of JPEG XS codec into your solutions. The toolkit is already available for you, find out more here.