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MXF Studio is released

We're happy to announce that we collect most of our utilities to work with MXF files into a single toolkit - MXF Studio.
In this cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS) collection, you will find the following utilities:
  • MXF Normalizer - to remux MXF files to match a specific standard,
  • MXF Conan - to analyze your MXF against a specified standard and check warnings and errors,
  • MXF Join - to combine multiple MXF files into a single file,
  • MXF Patch - to patch MXF tags, timecode info, and AAF data,
  • MOV to MXF - to remux MOV files into MXF files,
  • FTP to MXF - to record a growing MXF file from an FTP storage.
The utilities are console-centric, so you can easily organize them into batch scripts to automate your daily MXF workflow. You can find detailed information about how to use the toolkit on our support portal.
During a promo period, you can get a 30% discount on MXF Studio license with a voucher - nablet24.