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nablet Releases All-New Version of mediaEngine Express Professional Transcoder

mediaEngine Express has been completely reworked from scratch to be even easier, more powerful, and more attractive. It features fast, high-quality encoding with the latest version of nablet’s mediaEngine, which powers professional video processing around the world. GPU-powered encoding can improve performance even more in supported Intel or NVIDIA graphics processors. A user-friendly interface, many included presets, and a new preset editor makes complex tasks simple.
mediaEngine Express User Interface
Preset Editor in mediaEngine Express

“Our flagship mediaEngine is used by many third-party products and end-users for a variety of different workflows. Scenarios include ingest of files, SDI and IP based video as well as transcoding to a big variety of different production and delivery formats,” said Alexander Bashlykov, Product Manager, Transcoder and Cloud products. “With our new mediaEngine Express solution, we provide a powerful and easy-to-use file transcoder for fast processing.”
mediaEngine Express also includes nablet’s innovative support for growing MXF files in both directions: accessing growing files via third-party products like Adobe Premiere Pro or using such files as inputs for transcoding.