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nablet adds audio expert functionality from Minnetonka to mediaEngine

AudioTools Server automates the most sophisticated audio tasks and offers a wide variety of processing, specifically created for use in cable, satellite, OTT, terrestrial and IPTV, radio, and post-production facilities. As a pure software platform running on commodity hardware, including VM or cloud deployment, AudioTools Server is flexible and customizable, allowing for new workflows as requirements inevitably change.

nablet mediaEngine is a video processing engine and platform that includes file and live transcoder for all open standard broadcast, Production and streaming formats, including 2110/NDI/SDI and other interfaces. It includes the market-leading nablet SW codecs for XDCAM, XAVC and other formats, as well as a highly optimized processing engine that can handle several tasks in parallel, just as using AI for image processing, HDR conversion, MXF normalization and many more.

"Minnetonka Audio is known for their expertise in Audio processing", says Adriano Gaeta, SVP Product and mediaEngine Architect at nablet. “The integration of the market leading Audio Tools Server platform offers our customers the full feature set by simply using a plugin to our mediaEngine. Existing workflows now can easily add Dolby-E support, normalization, or one of the many other audio features Audio Tools Server provides."

nablet has grown from Codec and NLE Plugin developer to a provider for high-performance transcoding solutions”, says Markus Hintz, VP Business Development at Telos Alliance. “We have partnered with nablet for many years now and, for example, are using their MXF tools within AudioTools Server. This new level of cooperation adds AudioTools Server to nablet’s mediaEngine. Existing customers can now easily add audio expert functionality without changing the underlying mediaProcessing engine or adding another level of complexity. A simple plugin is all that is required.