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Our products are used widely in content creation, broadcasting, OTT,
post-production, and other related industries. From low-level software development toolkits and video codecs to Avid Media Composer plugins, video transcoding engines, content detection solutions, and AI-powered video processing components, we provide a complete ecosystem of tools to meet ever-changing market needs.

Our Products

Process your video in the most optimized way with the broadcast-grade quality level with nablet technologies.
nablet Elements basic scheme
nablet Elements
Create your workflow by using our technologies in combination. Use components for software development of video transcoding, live streaming, fingerprinting, AI-powered video processing, Closed Captioning, HDR-SDR conversion and other video processing workflow automation solutions.
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Avid Media Composer plug-ins
nablet is an official developer of Sony format plugins for Avid Media Composer. We also offer an ARRI RAW plugin for Media Composer in partnership with ARRI. You can use HEVC, XAVC S, XAVC XDCAM, HDCAM-SR and Sony RAW X-OCN footage with our plug-ins for professional video production.
Video Search

Content Detection and Duplicate Search

Video Search is a powerful technology product that enables users to quickly find and retrieve specific video content. With content detection capabilities, you can find if your content is utilized in public broadcasts. It helps you locate and access a full-length video by using a short fragment.
The duplicate search feature helps identify and eliminate redundant or identical videos, streamlining content management and enhancing search accuracy for improved user experience.

Full Featured Transcoding Factory

With our flagship product, you can easily convert any type of input source to any streaming and file output. Use RAW, MOV, MXF files, or RTMP, RTSP, HLS and DASH streams as sources. Convert them to professional MXF, MOV and other files or RTMP, HLS and DASH streams with integrated nablet codecs and muxers.
Empower your video management with components that are trusted by industry leaders all over the world.
Three Good Reasons to Use Technologies from Nablet
We work hard every day to make the life of our clients better and happier
nablet quality of technologies
We develop all the codecs and technologies ourselves with no dependency on 3rd-party components. With nablet you're sure that you use components that are highly optimized for speed and performance.
nablet professional support

We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in developing video codecs and broadcast solutions.

We use our own codebase, so we can adjust and optimize our components specifically for your scenarios.

nablet pricing model is flexible

We're flexible in our price range depending on your business model and the scenarios you fulfill with our components.

We Love our Clients
Our customer list includes many public broadcasters, football and other sports associations in Europe and North America, content producers for Hollywood and cloud transcoding solution providers.
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