Use AI to get video highlights

AI-powered Highlight Reel Making Solution to automate your highlights editing process.
Shrynk uses AI to analyze video content and create a clip showing only the most interesting parts. It ideally fits any scenario of searching videos for important fragments and preparing video highlights.
Shrynk processes video

Scenarios for Shrynk

Shrynk for news
News Studios
Simplify video analysis to broadcast only the content that matters
Shrynk for Sports
Sports Broadcasters
Prepare a review of a sports event in a few seconds
Shrynk for social media
Content Creators
Save your time on choosing what to share with viewers
Shrynk uses AI to process video files

Comes with a pack of professional presets

With Shrynk you get a set of pre-made configurations for different scenarios.
And if you need to automate highlights generation for your own field (for example, golf, e-sport, or anything else), our team is happy to develop new presets for you.
Your Benefits with Shrynk
Shrynk turns a process of highlights generation to be an automated step in your video processing workflow
  • Save time
    Shrynk automates the routine of selecting the most important fragments.
  • Save resources
    Whenever possible, Shrynk doesn't use video transcoding and uses the original video quality in the resulting files making the processing extremely fast.
  • 100% Quality
    If transcoding is not used, you have the same quality as a result as the original content has. Otherwise, the content is transcoded with professional-grade codecs.
  • Use for any content
    Video games, sports, or even full-length films - just give Shrynk a proper preset to get results.
Do you want to automate your video highlights generation process for your specific content?
Ready for any type of use
Shrynk is available in many forms to simplify its integration for you
Software Development Kit
Software Development Toolkit
For those who develop their own solution
End-user software
End-User Application
For those who use stand-alone software to get professional results
Command-line utility
For those who plan to integrate Shrynk into existing workflows
Easy Integration with other Elements