Our Technology Partners

We work together with leading companies and organizations to create affordable, interoperable technologies including popular NLE plugins, and to develop new industry standards.

NLE Plug-ins

nablet is an Official Developer of Plugins for Avid Media Composer

Avid is ubiquitous in film, broadcasting, network news, and local news. All Sony formats go through our plugins into the Avid world, including RAW cinema and production as well as all other broadcast and related formats.
Our plugins have been downloaded over 20000 times. Many major organizations like BBC and CNN download our plugins for use on all of their editing workstations.
We are in the process of extending the plugins to other systems and other camera vendors.
Sony, Avid, Panasonic are partners of nablet
Intel works with nablet closely

nablet and Intel are on Accelerated Video Transcoding

nablet has collaborated with Intel to leverage processor technology for massive gains in transcoding speed. Intel released a Solution Brief about the gains we achieved. We also collaborate with Intel regularly to optimize our codecs for the latest Intel architectures, enabling nablet technology to offer industry-leading performance.
Also, nablet mediaEngine has official Intel Smart Edge optimization.
Industry Standards

nablet Launches ARRI RAW Plugin for Avid Media Composer and Partners with ARRI on MXF Live SMPTE Draft Standard

ARRI cameras and lighting systems are used widely in the motion picture industry. nablet partnered with ARRI to develop our ARRIRAW plugin for Media Composer.
We work with ARRI and Trackmen to co-author MXF Live, a draft extension to the SMPTE Low Latency Streaming MXF spec. It adds additional flexibility for various use cases. For example, multiple devices on a set can send MXF data for a variety of purposes including remote control of receivers. It also allows a growing MXF file to be edited while ingesting is still in progress.
With ARRI, nablet creates a new MXF Live standard
User Groups
nablet takes part in forums and alliances that define the future of video industry
RIST Forum
IMF User Group
Digital SME Focus Group Artificial Intelligence
SRT Alliance
Do you have ideas for a possible partnership or new projects we can work on together?