SRTify: Stream Gateway and Management Simplified

Effortlessly Manage UDP and SRT Streams in Real Time

Stream Gateway and Management

Unlock the power of seamless stream management with SRTify.
Designed to simplify the handling of UDP and SRT streams, nablet SRTify is your gateway to manage multiple streams in real-time effortlessly.
Say goodbye to the complexities of configurations and embrace a solution that streamlines the entire process. Focus on delivering content that matters.
With nablet SRTify, you gain the flexibility to receive UDP streams and re-stream them as SRT or perform the reverse operation, receiving SRT streams and sending them as UDP. This versatile functionality empowers you to handle a wide range of streaming needs with ease.

Experience true stream management efficiency, real-time monitoring, and flexible customization at your fingertips. SRTify simplifies stream management so you can focus on delivering content that matters.

Streamlined Stream Management
  • Bi-Directional Streaming
    Easily receive UDP streams and re-stream them as SRT, or vice versa.
  • Multi-Stream Support
    Manage multiple streams simultaneously with a user-friendly interface.
  • Real-Time Monitoring
    Monitor stream health and performance in real time.
  • Flexible Configuration
    Customize stream settings and parameters with ease.
SRTify Use Cases
Deliver broadcast-quality content with reliable UDP-to-SRT conversion.
Live Events
Stream live events in real time, ensuring a smooth viewing experience.
Stream Management
Efficiently manage multiple streams for diverse applications and devices.
Why Choose SRTify?
No complex transcoding required – just pure, reliable stream management
Save time and resources with seamless UDP-to-SRT and SRT-to-UDP conversion.
Easily scale up to accommodate growing streaming demands.
Ensure stable and high-quality streams with real-time monitoring.
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