FileMeister: Professional Transcoding designed for Scalability

Simplify multifile transcoding workflows by using multiple machines for seamless file conversion. All are managed from a Single WebUI.
FileMeister Scheme

Transcoding Agents and a Broker - with one UI to rule them all

Scale your transcoding workflow with multiple agents managed from a single place.
Imagine combining the processing power of multiple machines within your local network, all seamlessly orchestrated through a single, user-friendly WebUI—scale your workflow to match your ambitions. Discover how FileMeister empowers you to complete the most demanding video tasks with ease and precision.
With nablet FileMeister, you have full control over transcoding your video files. Wherever the source files are - on local drives, on network storages, on FPT servers, or S3 buckets, you can convert the files into your target formats. Once set, agents scan the folders for changes, so you have the results as fast as possible.
Configure watch folders, set transcoding presets, and monitor the process dynamically from a remote location. With a web-based control panel, you can check the workflows from any device - a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop.
FileMeister in Use
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Efficiently process even the largest video libraries in record time.
Transcode your content into a wide range of formats, codecs, and containers: MXF, MOV, MP4, XAVC, AVC Intra, DNxHD, ProRes, MPEG-2, XDCAM, HLS, and DASH. From SD to UHD resolution. For any frame rate.
Use easy-configured transcoding presets for each watch folder in FileMeister. Ensure compatibility with various playback devices and platforms.
Your Benefits with FileMeister
FileMeister empowers you to harness the collective processing power of multiple machines within your local network. Scale your transcoding operations effortlessly.
High-Speed Transcoding
High-Speed Transcoding
With FileMeister's advanced transcoding engine, you can convert video files at remarkable speeds without compromising on quality.
Real-Time Monitoring
Real-Time Monitoring
Gain valuable insights into your transcoding operations with real-time monitoring and analytics. Detect and resolve issues swiftly, ensuring the highest quality output.
Transcoding tasks.
Made easily.
Configure a source, a target format, and an output destination to define a task for an agent.
Each agent can perform multiple tasks, depending on its processing resources. For example, you may have an agent for XDCAM and ProRes FullHD recording, and another agent solely for UHD production formats.
Set up overlay presets to brand your content with a quick editor.
Add network-based folders to download and upload video files, and specify post-transcoding actions.
FileMeister Task Configuration
Seamless Integration
Integrate FileMeister seamlessly into your existing media ecosystem. Whether you use it as a standalone solution or as part of a larger setup, it adapts to your needs.
Integrate FileMeister into your content delivery pipeline to ensure consistent quality across all distribution channels. Deliver content that meets industry standards effortlessly.
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