Imperceptible protection of your video

Add an invisible specific signature to your video to protect it from piracy and leaks.
Integrate the embedding of the watermark into your content preparation process or build.
The Watermarking component adds invisible signs to the video content without changing the content itself.

Watermark your original content before publishing so you can later find out if any of your sources were leaked or copied without proper authorization.
Basic watermarking workflow
Quality of Encoding after watermarking insertion

Imperceptible signature

nablet Watermarking modifies the source in a special way that makes the resulting video match the original in quality at almost 100%.
The resulting video reaches the highest values of all quality encoding metrics - PSNR, VMAF and SSIM. By integrating the Watermarking technology with professional encoding solutions like mediaEngine, you can get even better values for the resulting video quality metrics.

Cloud Demo for you is ready

We have prepared an online solution for you to check the watermarking functionality quickly:
  • generate your personal signature,
  • upload a video file,
  • embed the signature to the file,
  • and download the result.
You can also check if video files contain any signatures with its Decode functionality.
online demo of video watermarking
Protected from any modifications
nablet Watermarking signature can be detected even if the content was edited later.
The engine detects watermarks even if the protected video file gets through:
  • transcoding
  • crop
  • file-size reduction
  • block artifacts insertion
Want to protect your video content with the Watermarking technology?
Improve the watermarking
Use more than a single key to sign the video content in an advanced way.
Split a source file into several chunks with Smart Renderer and use different keys to watermark them. Then combine different chunks together with Smart Renderer to create unique signed video files for further production.
Advanced video watermarking workflow
Integrate with other technologies easily
You can combine the nablet Watermarking with other nablet engines and technologies
A core element for building a new workflow. It is a transcoding factory to power video workflows from contribution to distribution.
AI-powered tool to convert your video for vertical screens that automatically selects areas of interest.
Cut MXF or TS files in chunks and unite fragments in new MXF or TS files without transcoding.