Smart Renderer Engine

A world-class tool to cut MXF files in chunks and unite fragments in new MXF files.
For video professionals who value performance and quality. From newsrooms to broadcast studios. Trim your video to simplify the workflow. Combine the fragments together to prepare material for production.
Smart Renderer processes MXF files extremely fast.
Chunks and fragments of MXF files are processed without encoding, so you get results instantly and you save all the video frames with the original quality.
No more need to wait for the original files transcoding and use system resources.

Ready for Professionals

Smart Renderer supports most popular video codecs

User Scenarios

Smart Renderer processes MXF files
MXF Concatenation
Multiple video files concatenation
Use several files of the same parameters (frame rate, key frame interval and resolution) to unite multiple segments into a new file.
MXF Truncate
Truncate a video file
Set in- and out- points for a single MXF file and generate a new file with only the important content.
Cut out a part of a single MXF
Use the same video file multiple times with different in- and out- points to cut the unnecessary content from the original video.
Smart Renderer processes MXF files

Your Benefits with Smart Renderer

nablet is a team of MXF experts. We put our expertise in Smart Renderer to make it easy to integrate into any existing process and optimize it for the best performance and quality results.
Get results just in a few moments. Smart Renderer doesn't use transcoding to process video files, so you save your system resources.
Frame accuracy
No missing frames in the resulting files, all the output frames can be properly decoded with any professional editors.
100% original quality in the output video files. Smart Renderer guarantees that the resulting video is a pure copy of the original videos without any modifications.
Do you want to give Smart Renderer a try? Or would you like to know how to integrate Smart Renderer into your video processing workflows?