Ensure Content Compliance
with nablet Video Search

Effortlessly Detect Unauthorized Usage and Monitor Broadcast Contracts with precision using our cutting-edge software for effortless fragment identification in external videos.
Comprehensive Content Protection
Safeguard Your Assets with Precision
Are you tired of finding your hard work and creativity being used without permission in external videos?
Put an end to unauthorized usage of your video with nablet Video Search, the ultimate solution for content creators, businesses, and broadcasters.
How does nablet Video Search Work?
With state-of-the-art technology and advanced algorithms, nablet Video Search scans videos,
both local files and network streams, to detect and identify fragments of your content
with unparalleled accuracy.
Select the Original Content Location
Choose the location where your original content is stored, whether it's in archives or live streams.
Set the Video Search Location
Specify the location or locations where you want to search for your content fragments.

Run, Scan and

Get Results

Run the scanning process and retrieve accurate results on usage instances.
Video Search Results
Precise Identification
nablet Video Search ensures the accurate detection of your content fragments.
Even when the original video has undergone modifications such as cutting, mirroring, scanning, resizing, or overlaying with graphics. Whether your content has been altered or embedded within other videos, our powerful algorithms can pinpoint and match these fragments, ensuring comprehensive protection and reliable identification.
Effortless Usage
With an intuitive user interface, nablet Video Search makes content protection easy and efficient.

Media Formats Support
Detect fragments in various media formats, including MP4, AVI, MXF, and more.
Video Search in Use
Powerful Use Cases
Content Producers
Content Producers
Monitor TV channels and media content platforms for your content usage live or on demand. Detect if your content is used only by authorized customers.
Find out how many times and when an advertisement is utilized. Be sure that external content is used the right number of times. Be sure that your broadcast contracts are fulfilled.
Film Studios
Film Studios
Check your film archives and edited scenes for any repetitions. The Video Search scanning process is integrated into Avid Media Composer plug-ins, making the search process run flawlessly.
Video Libraries
Video Libraries
Save your storage space by finding duplicates with Video Search. It can report to you if there are differences between duplications by time and by quality so you can decide what files to keep and use.
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