Video Effects

Perform various media processing functions with exceptional quality and performance using components of Video Effects Element.

Video Processing Options
Use multiple tools optimized for best quality
  • Color Conversion
    Convert video colorspace with high quality at a high speed with optimized components.
    The component supports most of the professional colorspace options:
    ARGB32, HDYC, UYVY, YUV, V210, NV12 and others.
  • HDR Conversion
    HDR to SDR and SDR to HDR conversion of video to match any processing requirements.
    You can use this component to prepare your content for all the displays and devices whether they support HDR technology or support only SDR.
  • Video Scaling
    High-quality conversion with support from SD to up to 4K and 8K resolutions with alpha-channel. Prepare your content for different screen sizes and keep the quality of the content at the same top level.
  • Alpha Blending
    Compose multiple layers in up to 4K resolution. Use this component to add text and graphics overlay to your video as well as arrange picture-in-picture videos.
  • Noise Reduction
    Reduce file size achieving better quality at the same bitrate or use a lower bitrate and keep the same visual quality level. Use it to optimize video streaming solutions where the bitrate matters most.
  • Interlacing
    Generate high-quality progressive frames from interlaced video or convert progressive video to an interlaced one. Use this component to prepare your content for different broadcast standards and formats.
Ready to improve your video content with our tools? Or do you want to integrate the effects with other Elements?
Video Effects together with other nablet Elements
Ready for developers
All of the Video Effects components are available as Software Development Toolkits for C++.
You can combine the effects together to build your own video processing workflow. Unite the effects with other nablet Elements to make your video processing even more powerful and optimized.

If you have any questions, our team is ready to assist you to help you move forward with the integration process.
Integrate Video Effects with other Elements
One or multiple video effects can be implemented along with other video processing routines