AI-powered tool to convert your video for vertical screens that automatically selects areas of interest

Fullscreen your mobile video

Adjust your video for vertical screens and use the whole screen area for playback
Most of the content today is in a 16:9 landscape format, but mobile phone users prefer to hold their devices vertically. Watching landscape content vertically utilizes only 25% of the screen.

Producing vertical fullscreen versions of content just for mobile adds significant costs and creating vertical video from existing landscape source videos requires human interaction as there is much less width to show the interesting part of the content. To get a good result, you should check each and every video manually to detect what part should be displayed on a mobile screen. Straightforward cropping might simply remove the important part of the video.

Here is where AI processing comes as a solution.
Video on mobile screens
Power of AI at your service
HeightScreen scans a video and detects areas of interest automatically, so you have a vertical video of a really important part of the original video.
HeightSceen for Sports Highlights
HeightScreen uses AI to find the best part of the content and renders it into vertical video. It scans constantly to determine the area of the most potential interest and always keeps that area framed.

Possible scenarios are:
  • Sports highlights
  • News summaries
  • Social media content
Ready to automate vertical screen video processing? Or do you want to know how to integrate HeightScreen with other nablet Elements?
Ready for all types of use
HeightScreen is available for you in many forms
  • C++ SDK for HeightScreen
    Software Development Toolkit
    For those who develop their own solution
  • HeightScreen User Interface
    End-User Application
    For those who use stand-alone software to get professional results
  • HeightScreen in a command line
    For those who plan to integrate HeightScreen into existing workflows

Integrate with other Elements easily

HeightScreen is one of nablet Elements. You can combine it together with other components to get your own vertical video processing workflow.