Smart Way to Optimize Media Storages

With Duplicates Search you can scan your video or images archive or cloud storage, identify duplicates, and choose which files to keep.
Save disk space, reduce cloud storage costs, and improve your media archive's organization.
Is your video archive filled with duplicates and near-identical files, taking up valuable storage space? Duplicates Search is a powerful solution that scans your video library, whether it's stored in folders, disks, or the cloud, to identify duplicate and similar videos, even when they have differences in length.
Efficient Storage Management
Efficient Storage Management
Easily reclaim valuable disk and cloud storage space by identifying and removing duplicate videos, saving you money on storage costs.
Enhanced Content Organization
Enhanced Content Organization
Keep your video library organized by choosing which files to keep, ensuring you have a collection of high-quality and valuable content.
User-Controlled Decisions
You're in control. Decide which videos to retain based on your preferences, ensuring you keep the versions that matter most to you.
Check the Difference
With timeline-like results, you can see where the content is different to find the most valuable video. With media parameters, you can define the best-quality file.

Videos and Images
Duplicates Search supports various media formats, including MP4, AVI, MXF videos, PNG, JPEG, TIFF images, and many others.

Any Media Parameters
Duplicates Search compares files with different media parameters: aspect ratio, frame rate, resolution, bitrates, or codecs.
Duplicates Search in Use
Key Benefits
Cost Savings
Cost Savings
Reduce your storage expenses and avoid unnecessary spending on additional storage resources.
Organized Library
Organized Library
Enjoy a more organized and chaos-free media archive for improved accessibility and productivity.
Effortless Management
Effortless Management
Duplicates Search makes it simple to maintain and optimize your video collection.
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