Content detection with

Use lightweight and ultra-fast technology to identify target content in your live video translation or in your video archive. Search and find video files in your media library or detect advertisements and external materials by a short segment.
How does the Fingerprinting work
With this technology, you can scan video content and compare its fingerprinting with an existing fingerprinting database to detect if the original video contains any fragments from your video library.

Fill the database with data from the processed video for further detection.

As a result, you have a list that points to the files where the target content is detected along with the timecode of such segments.
Video Fingerprinting
Precise Content Detection
We optimized the fingerprinting technology to meet the most important requirements
Small Data Size
The Video Fingerprinting engine keeps all the important details for further detection. Each of the segments is only 56 bytes in size which makes the overall size of a video search catalog with billions of scanned videos reasonable.
Fast Search
The small size of segments enables the engine to run the detection of the target content faster. The Fingerprinting engine uses a unique technology to optimize the search and comparison algorithms to speed up the process.
High Accuracy
The Video Fingerprinting engine can detect target content in the video catalog precisely even if the target video is visually modified with effects of color correction, mirroring, graphics overlay, and others.
Would you like to give the Video Fingerprinting a try? Or are you interested in a partnership for the technology?
Ready for everyone
Fingerprinting is ready for quick integration into existing MAM solutions, or for the development of brand-new products.
Video Fingerprinting Software Development Kit
SDK for C++
For those who develop their own solution
Video Fingerprinting software
For those who want to use a solution remotely.
Video Fingerprinting console
Integration Utilities
For those who plan to include the technology in existing products
Possible user scenarios
You can use video Fingerprinting in different areas
  • TV channels
    You can detect if videos from local cameras or sources were used in your On Air streams to manage copyright issues.
  • Advertisements studios
    You can check if your ads were used anywhere and how many times your clips were displayed and when.
  • Production teams
    You can check your archives for duplicates to save disk space and keep only the files that you really need.

Integrate with other Elements easily

You can combine Video Fingerprinting with other nablet components to create your own video processing workflow.