Transport Stream SDK

World-best software development kit to work with TS files and UDP streams.
Flexible and Powerful Toolkit
With Transport Streams playing a lead role in professional video processing solutions, software developers need API that works with TS files and network streams (UDP, HLS) to create applications.
Supported Formats
  • MPEG-1,
  • MPEG-2,
  • H.264,
  • H.265.
  • MPEG-1,
  • MPEG-2,
  • AAC,
  • AC-3,
  • E-AC-3
TS Demuxer
TS Demuxer
Reads files and network streams to extract any data from PIDs.
Key Features
  • Includes separate engines to work in "stream" (for network streams) and "file" (for local files) modes,
  • Supports callbacks set for custom media reading,
  • Supports a feature to "subscribe" to an arbitrary stream PID for low-level demuxing,
  • TS stream error detection and reporting for monitoring stream health.
TS Muxer
TS Muxer
Muxes new files and UDP streams.
Key Features
  • Supports multiplexing in VBR and CBR modes.
  • Provides DVB-compatible multiplexing option,
  • Supports segmentation for HLS streams muxing,
  • Supports multiplexing of multiple programs in a single stream
  • Supports SCTE-35 triggers for ad insertion scenarios.