Link, play, and edit Sony XAVC S and XAVC S-I H.264/AVC footage.
Link complete volumes as well as single clips in MP4.
Supports embedded LUTs and Cine EI workflow
The plugin supports the linking of complete volumes as well as single clips in an MP4 container. It reads the timecode and interprets most of the important metadata that is encapsulated in the XAVC MP4 media. It also detects Slog2, Slog3, HLG, and other HDR capture gamma formats in XAVC S shots so that Media Composer can automatically assign a color
transformation that matches the project color space.
Customers asked us for a solution to support NXCAM camcorders and other cameras with XAVC S recording capabilities.
Note: Sony XAVC HS HEVC operating points are not supported by this plugin. For linking and editing XAVC HS H.265/HEVC footage please use the nablet HEVC AMA Plugin.
New versions are free upgrades for existing XAVC S Plugin license holders. To update, download the latest demo version and install it according to the instructions, then unlock it with your existing license key.


You can download the nablet XAVC S AMA plugin and run it in demo mode to ensure that it meets your requirements and is compatible with your system. The only limitation of the demo mode is a nablet logo overlay over the decoded images. The plugin is fully functional even without the license key.
nablet XAVC S plugin

Please try the plug-in in demo mode to make sure it fits your needs before you place an order.

No refunds are possible.

Single user license
5-licenses pack
10-licenses pack
Site license
Once purchased
After the plugin has been unlocked with a license key, you can continue to use the clips that were previously linked in demo mode. You do not need to re-link them. The logo will disappear after the key has been validated by the plugin. However, transcodings, consolidations, and video mixdowns have to be redone since they have been encoded with the logo in the source image.
Do you have any questions about how to use the plugin? Read the documentation on our support portal.
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