Link, play, and edit XAVC and MPEG-2 MXF clips recorded on the XDCAM Station (XDCAM Professional Media Station), SxS and XQD memory cards, Professional Discs, or stored on hard disks, inside supported Avid NLE products.
Supports XAVC H 8K, Cine EI workflow and embedded LUTs
The plugin supports proxy editing workflows from certain Professional Disc devices. Furthermore, this plug-in allows exporting XAVC LongGOP and XAVC Intra MXF files in HD and 4K format.


The installing package includes an additional plugin - nablet XDCAM-EX. You can link, play, and edit XDCAM EX content recorded on SxS memory cards or stored on hard disks inside the supported Avid NLE products with the XDCAM-EX plugin.

The nablet XAVC XDCAM Plug-in is the successor of the former Sony PDZK-MA2 plug-in.

Consolidation Issue
Note, to support the latest XAVC features like Cine EI and embedded LUTs by the plugin, the ability to consolidate the XAVC footage linked with the nablet plugin in Media Composer needed to be sacrificed starting with plugin version 5.4.0. Avid and nablet are working on a solution. If you need to consolidate XAVC clips and are sure that Cine EI is not present and an embedded LUT is not to be applied, please use version 5.3.1 of the plugin, which still allows consolidation
Do you have any questions about how to use the plugin? Read the documentation on our support portal.
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